Mexican Revolution


The Mexican Revolution happened in 1910, but the whole event started in 1884 when Porfirio Diaz became president. When in power he sold off, if not all, then most of the natural resources that were in Mexico. These exploited resources were oil, mines, copper fields, and land space. This lead to the rise in the economy for Mexico's country, however, it only benefited a limited amount of people. Diaz wanted to be like a white European and that affected his vision in raising his country and their own and not a European one. Since this is what Diaz wanted, he made the upper class even more rich. The downside as seen by the cientificos "that the only problem keeping Mexico from being as great as any European country was that it had so many poor people." ( Eventually, Madero, who lost elections to Gonzalez, wrote a book going against Diaz's beliefs and saying what was really happening. This sparked a revolution in Mexico. The revolution made a 'balance' in money between the classes. This revolution is also looked as the Mexican Civil War.

Who really started the Mexican Revolution?

There are many factors to the start of the Mexican Civil war, but it is mostly known as the Mexican Revolution. Porfirio Diaz is a possible answer and arguably the main cause. Diaz made many changes to stay in power, not only did he intimidate the people to vote for him, but he changed the Mexican Constitution to give himself more time as president. This lead to smaller reasons that started the war. Madero lost

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