The 5 reforms

Brad Richardson

Mental Health reform/ Prison reform

*Dorothea Dix was the greatest reformer for prisoners and the mentally ill

*Wanted to create separate facilities for both

*By the time of her death 100 facilities were established in the U.S.


*temperance movement

*Movement to reduce the use of alcoholic beverages

*Alcohol linked to sickness, poverty, and breaking up of families

*18th Amendment

Educational Reform

*Wanted to improve public schools; no attendance requirement, schools not divide into grade levels

*Greatest reform leader in education was Horace Mann--- Established teacher training programs

*Improved curriculum

*Doubled money Massachusetts spent on schools

* 1st public university--- UNC Chapel Hill-- 1795

Women s Rights

*From abolition to education, women worked actively in all reform movements

*Throughout the 1800s opportunity for women to become educated increased

*Elizabeth candy Stanton and Lucretia Mott had both been ardent abolitionist

*in 1848, more than 300 women participated in women s rights convention in

Seneca Falls N.Y

Abolition----- Turner

*The vast majority of African Americans were enslaved in the south and were subjected to constant Degradation

*Most famous revolt was led by Virginia slave Nat Turner

*Turner led 50 followers in a revolt killing 60 whites-- he was caught and executed

Abolition----- William Lloyd Garrison

*1820s: Abolitionist movement to free African Americans from slavery arose

*Leader was a white radical named William Lloyd Garrison

Abolition----- Fredrick Douglass

*Free slave, Fredrick Douglass escaped from bandage and became an eloquent abolitionist (critic of slavery) leader

*He began an anti---slavery newspaper called North Star

*The start Guided them to the North