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Week of February 21, 2022

What's Inside

  • Take Action: Tomorrow, 2/22/22 is Tutus & Ties day! Wear your tutu or a tie - or both! 🌟Get ready for the Academic Showcase on March 3rd! 🌟 Join the official Cunningham Elementary, Austin ISD Facebook page.
  • COVID Updates: Campus-based Routines & Procedures to keep your student safe, Covid-19 Response Flow Chart
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Take Action!

  • Cunningham's Academic Showcase is right around the corner - March 3rd from 5:30 - 7:30. Students and staff are excited to celebrate all their hard work and learning!
  • Join the official Cunningham Elementary, Austin ISD Facebook page. This page is the official district page, and is different from the Cunningham Cobras page. We are in a competition with a few other AISD schools to see who can get the most likes between now and February 28th so that we can win a free catered lunch for our staff! Like it and share it - far and wide! We love our staff and we want everyone to enjoy this free lunch!
  • We are doing school tours every Tuesday at 4:00 and Friday at 9 - share with friends (flyer below). We'd love for current families to come, too. It's great to be able to open up the building again!

No School

🌟NEW March 4th: No School for Students and Staff

March 14–18 - Spring Break

April 1 - PD Day for Teachers

April 15 - PD Day for Teachers

May 28 – First day of summer!

Student Events

🎆🎆👔👔February 22: Ties and Tutus! (2-22-22)

📚March 3: Academic showcase (5:30 to 7:30)

🎈April 23: 45 Fest

📝May 17–18: 3rd- and 4th-grade STAAR tests

🏃‍♀️May 25: Field Day

🎓May 26: Kindergarten and 5th-grade promotion ceremonies

Parent Events:

March 3: 7:45 Principal's Coffee Chat, 5:30 to 7:30 Academic Showcase

March 31: 7:45 Principal's Coffee Chat, 3:30 Campus Advisory Council, 6:00 PTA General Meeting

April 28: 7:45 Principal's Coffee Chat, 3:30 Campus Advisory Council, 6:00 PTA General Meeting

If you want your student to be tested for Covid, click HERE to sign up (code is AISDTEST) AND we ask that you inform your teacher that you signed up.

Review the full AISD calendar for additional dates.

Covid Protocols

Protocols are still the same for this week until further notice:

  • Masks are required on all AISD facilities - please help us keep our staff and students safe - wear your mask at all times on campus.

    • During Drop Off

    • During Pick Up

  • Please stay in your car during drop-off and pick-up - it helps keep everyone safe - from traffic and from spreading germs. Students should exit to the passenger's side of the car and our staff is here to help.
  • Return to one-way clockwise traffic in hallways during the day (clockwise with the staff lounge being 12 o’clock, 300 wing being 6 o’clock)
  • Classrooms have air purifiers in them
  • Recess will resume to zoned area rotations with classes not mixing

    • Zone A: Inside the Track

    • Zone B: Playground

    • Zone C: Under the BB court (when Coach Maines isn’t using it)

    • Zone D: Little Playground (when Pk3 & Pk4 aren’t using it)

  • All plexiglass dividers in the classrooms must be placed back-up - no exceptions
  • Assigned seating in cafeteria, with plexiglass dividers, and students sitting every other seat

  • Students will have the option to eat outside daily when weather appropriate - >65 degrees

  • 52 kids can eat outside at any given time - with our lunchroom rotation, this is manageable for us. This allows for 4 students per table.

  • If a student doesn't want to or can't eat outside (allergies/temperature), indoor dining is still an option - including plexiglass and socially distant dining.

Remember - Cunningham is a Covid Testing Hub for Austin ISD Staff & Students. If you would like for your student to be tested, please fill out this form. The passcode is AISDTEST.

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