Social Studies Unit

Citizen’s rights and responsibilities

Hello Parents and Guardians!

I would like to inform you about the social studies ideas we will be covering over the next couple weeks. The big ideas will be to understand that citizens of the U.S have basic rights and responsibilities that determine how are nation works. We will also evaluate how the Constitution has evolved over time and how this has an impact on citizens.

Unit Objectives

1. Explain what the constitution is and why it was created.

2. Explain why rights are important to have and protect.

3. Explain what the freedom of expression is

3. Identify with groups of people who were denied basic rights

5. Participate in a mock vote replicated from different suffrage eras.

4. Analyze pictures and political cartoons from the early 1900s.

5. Write from the point of view of people from the Jim Crow era

6. Interpret fair treatment through the due process

7. Debate decisions made through interpretation of amendments

8. Present skits based on certain amendments to the constitution.

We will learn through discussions, pictures, and videos!

"A Brief History of America's Independence: Part 1" (Revolutionary War) - 321Learning

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