Bulimia needs to be stopped!

What is Bulimia?

It is a very serious eating disorder that is marked by binge eating and vomiting. When a bulimic eats a meal they eat very large amounts of food and they then take steps to avoid weight gain. The most common step bulimics take is making them selves vomit after eating. But they can also take steps like excessive exercising, indulging in laxatives, or fasting. Bulimia is a very harmful disorder that needs to be stopped. It is important that Bulimia is put to an end because there are over three million cases of Bulimia in the U.S.A. per year. Because Bulimia is a disorder that commonly results in death, if not stopped, those three million bulimics in the world could die.

How can I help end Bulimia?

You should take action and help this cause because it is easy to stop and millions of lives could be lost if we just sit around and do nothing. If you see someone showing the signs of Bulimia, talk to them about it and convince them to stop harming themselves. Take them to a doctor or tell an authority. Bulimia is can be caused by genetics, environmental surroundings, depression and insecurities. Bulling is also a major cause to Bulimia. If you see someone picking on someone else for their weight, tell an adult that is near by. If you or anyone you know has bad eating habits and shows signs of Bulimia, take action and help fight this eating disorder!!

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