Touch Screens

hold the world in your fingers

what are touch screens used for?

touch screens are a new form of technology that let you interact on the hard-drive directly with your touch. They can be used without the burden of a keyboard or mouse and do just what a normal computor does. It is light and easy to travel with, and no wires and cords!
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how do touch screens work?

Touch screen systems have two metal layers. A current runs through the two layers and when its touched. The two layers touch in that exact spot. This contact makes a change in the electrical field which the computer system understands.
How Does a Touch Screen Work?

who invented the touch screen?

E.A. Johnson at the Royal Radar Establishment in England. - See more at: invented the touch screen

positives and negatives


  • touch screens are quicker
  • its a natural way to interact with you computor
  • its easier and maybe even more fun than using a mouse and keyboard

  • your screen has more smudges and smears
  • touch screens need to be more think than an average computor
  • shorter battery life