Her Unknown Stories Revealed


Artemis is one of the more unknown godesses, she is part of the big twelve, but does not appear in many of the more popular myths. However, Artemis does appear in a few. There are many, many, things that lots of people don't know, and I want you to know about her. Artemis is my favorite godesses, and I would like to bring her justice.

Artemis's Love Of Nature

Let's start simple. Some say, that Artemis's true love is nature, and the creatures that dwell in it, especially wolves, stags and bears. This makes some question why she loves hunting so much. Others think that she enjoys that sport, but would never actually do anything to hurt an animal, as no mortal has ever hunted with Artemis we can not tell. What do you think?


Like all goddesses, Artemis is beautiful. She has long, wavy, bark brown hair. Beautiful hazel eyes, and good posture. She normally wears comfy hunting clothes. Artemis is rather mysterious, and orten lurks in the shadows of trees, and mostly only comes out in the light of the moon, this causes some of her characteristics to appear warped.

Facts About Herself

  • Artemis is the Goddess of the hunt, the moon, and nature. This is why she is often depicted wearing earthy and nightly colors, and the crescent moon as her bow.
  • Some of her symbols are, a bow and arrow, the moon, and certain animals like wolves, stags and bears.
  • When Artemis was born, she helped her mother give birth to her brother. By doing this, she became the protector of childbirth and labour. She is also the protector of females.
  • Her Roman name is Diana.

Artemis And The Stag

Once, when a mortal lover of Artemis came across her naked, bathing, she turned him into a stag, and his hunting dogs killed him.

Family's The Most Important Thing Of All

Artemis's father is Zeus, the king of the gods. Artemis's mother is Leto, she is the daughter of Titans, Coeus and Phoebe. Artemis's brother is Apollo, the god of healing, music, and the sun, just as she is the goddess of the moon. Artemis lives with her father, and brother on Mt. Olympus, the home of the gods.

Her Heartbreak

This quote is exactly how Artemis acted. Before her one love was killed, she swore that no man would steal her heart, but Orion did, and after her heartbreak, when he died at the sting of a giant scorpion, no one ever did again. Zeus comforted her, and placed Orion and his enemy among the stars; where he would bravely fight for ever. Zeus also granted her request: That he would grant her the ability to never love another person, mortal or immortal, again.

Extra, Extra, Read All About It!

There are many more amazing things about Artemis. She is in many, many, more myths. One of those is when two giants were giving Zeus some trouble, so he told them that he'd give them the hand of Artemis and Athena, he was lying of course, but the giants didn't know that, so the Olympians got the best of them! I could go on all day long, but if you want to find out more, just look below you, those are my sources.


Constellation-A picture in the sky made by stars

Dwell-Think about it, stay on the same topic

Immortal-A person who cannot die, a god

Labour-Giving birth

Mortal-A person who can die, a human

Olympians-Greek gods that live on Mount Olympus

Warped-Distorted, unproportioned, messed up


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