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December Newsletter

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Happy Holidays to YOU!

December is a time of JOY! (as well as a little chaos, craziness and exhaustion). I always try to remind myself that we are blessed and not to be stressed :)

People LOVE to shop for themselves as well as others this time of year. I know I do! People socialize more... attend more parties.. like to get all dressed and glommed up for holiday parties all season long... AND, We are here to help them feel beautiful AND safe!

Remember that Beautycounter isn't just a holiday gift item.. its an ALL YEAR necessity! Keep on sharing Beautycounter products and the opportunity all the way through the holiday season. You will be happy you did! I wish you all the most merry of seasons and I cannot WAIT to see what you do in these last 10 days of 2015!

Beautycounter Gives Back this holiday season!

The CEO, Gregg Renfrew, of Beautycounter posted on her personal facebook page asking for stories of people who needed some extra "holiday cheer" in their lives this season. She wanted to make the holidays a little more special for someone.
She had over 150 responses and wishes. And, guess what? She granted them ALL. ( including a trip to Paris for a very deserving family)!!! I feel so incredibly blessed to work with a company that gives back.
Beautycounter Gives Back

Huge Congrats to ALL of you on an incredible 2015! And, Cheers to these DIRECTORS of BC BEAUTIES!

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