In der Freizeit Kapitel 3

Common Pitfalls, Tips for Sucess, and Alternative Assignment

It's halftime!

Don't give up, we are almost there!

If you are not doing so well in the class due to not turning things in, turning them in late, etc., etc., remember there are still 2 more units for you to make up some work! So it is definitely not too late!

You can be successful in this course! I believe in you!

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Alternative Assignment --Using wenn assignment with Glogster

You may have already used Glogster in another class. It's fun and free, and easy to use!

See Frau Frantzen's Glogster as an example! Make sure to answer at least all of the questions asked of you in the assignment, and watch your grammar! Make sure to add audio as well!

Common Pitfalls -- "wenn" and "gern"

Using wenn assignment

Students often forget that they are supposed to use the "wenn" construction when composing their answers!

An example is:

Q: Was machst du, wenn es schneit?

A: Ich fahre gern Ski, wenn es schneit. OR Wenn es schneit, fahre ich gern Ski.

Try varying your sentence structure for maximum points on this assignment!

Was machst du gern assignment

One thing to note: the content is incorrect in a few places with the usage of "gern."

The "gern" must come before the direct object, separable prefix, and prepositional phrase, because it is considered a general adverb.

So it should be:

Ich gehe gern spazieren.

Ich gehe gern ins Kino.

Ich spiele gern Tennis.

Just wanted to let you know so that you don't make this mistake over again in the future!