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A Selection Of Book Reviews From High School Students

Review Of "Where Things Come Back"

Where Things Come Back, written by John Corey Whaley, is an exquisite fictional novel which has been awarded the 2012 Michael L. Printz and William C. Morris awards. The story follows Cullen Witter’s adventurous summer before his senior year of high school. Cullen is faced with the hardships of the death of his cousin, the loneliness of the small Arkansas town that he lives in, and the disappearance of his brother. During all of this, a heavily religious Christian named Benton struggles with his understanding of the meaning of faith which leads to an ultimate ending. The stories of both characters are tied together beautifully to show the meaning of second chances, the importance of never losing hope, and the real meanings of life. This beautiful tale of faith, with a hint of comedy, and a bit of melancholy, will leave you touched with a yearn to live a life full of meaning.

Review of "Vivian Apple at the End of the World"

The book Vivian Apple at the End of the World is a fiction novel that is filled with adventure and suspense, written by Katie Coyle. It is a story about a shy teenage girl named Vivian Apple who is having trouble finding out who and what she believes in. When a suspicious Pastor Beaton Frick sets up the church of America and warns that the world is ending for those who do not believe, life as Vivian knows it turns upside down. Her believer parents are gone, leaving behind only two holes in the ceiling of their bedroom. The only people she has left are her best friend Harp and a mysterious new acquaintance named Peter. This book is an intriguing story of hardships and love. It is not until everything goes wrong and she must go on a long expedition to find the truth, that Vivian Apple discovers who she is and who her real friends are.

Review of "The Winter Place"

The Winter Place written by Alexander Yates is a very interesting novel about a boy Axel, and his older sister, Tess. It’s a fictional story about dealing with change and with grief. It is set in New York until Axel and Tess are struck with tragedy and have to move to Finland to live with their grandpa. Axel deals with hallucinations due to a bad disease that he inherited from his late mother. It’s a beautiful, must-read story about how a brother and sister stick together through the worst of times.

The Impossibility of Tomorrow

Book Review

The Impossibility of Tomorrow, written by Avery Williams is an interesting fiction novel. It is the suspenseful story of love and fear, as well as the study of alchemy. It is focused on the immortal Seraphina who has been living centuries thanks to her ex- boyfriend Cyrus. She has escaped him and is no longer being controlled by his harsh ways. Finally satisfied with her new life as Kailey she is afraid of losing the love of her life Noah to Cyrus, but the suspense of Cyrus being close by is always there. As she is living the life of Kailey and couldn’t be happier, Seraphina is forced to wonder about her new friends as well as Noah. The fear of one of them being Cyrus is always haunting her. Does Cyrus find her? Does she have to kill Noah? Does she have to move bodies? The Incarnation series is created by Alloy Entertainment, the producer of the best selling teen series including The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, and Pretty Little Liars.