Monday Moment

November 16

Good Monday Everyone,

Just a short one this time since we'll be spending more time together on Thursday this week at our staff meeting. Please remember that this is a standing monthly meeting for all certified staff. Non-certified staff are not required, but always welcome. Please bring your laptop to this meeting.

Just a few "housekeeping" items...

*please be on time and ready to greet your student at 7:00 every day

*please be vigilant with your breakfast sheets every day

*please be sure that your recess duty locations ensure ideal monitoring

New request: please lock your classroom door when you leave for the day. Our custodial team will check to be sure the building is secure, but with your help, locking your classroom door will greatly assist in this process.

A now for something very important....announcing this year's Teaching Assistant of the Year! A giant congratulations goes out to our very own Mrs. Elizabeth Webb!!!!

Words straight from your nomination forms, "She ALWAYS has a great attitude and a smile on her face.", "No matter what the day holds, Mrs. Webb always finds the positive and passes it on to others.", and "Our team could not function without her!". If you know Mrs. Webb, I'm sure you'll agree with all of these remarks. Thank you for your positivity and hard work. Kudos also to nominees Amy Coffey and Linda Mitchell. We appreciate the dedication and time of ALL our teaching assistants.

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