Abbotsford MF Soccer Club

Spring League Starts This Week!

Countdown to Kick Off

We are ready to kick off on two fronts tomorrow. The U6/U7 League starts tomorrow at 6 pm with two games at Terry Fox. There will also be a 7 pm kickoff for one match.

The U10/U11 League starts tomorrow at 6 pm with two games at Godson Elementary.

The U8/U9 teams start on Tuesday at Terry Fox with the U12/U13/U14 groups going on Tuesday at Godson Elementary.

ALL schedules can be found online at under Youth Programs and then look for Spring Recreational League Schedules.

First Night Information

Please try to arrive a little early for your matches, particularly on the first night. An Abbotsford Magnuson Ford Soccer Club member will be there to assist in handing out the shirts to the Game Facilitators and to ensure all players receiving a shirt have completed their registrations.

A huge number of volunteers offered to be Game Facilitators and we ask that each team's parents quickly meet to help organize who will be doing the substitutions on any given night. We appreciate that everyone is busy and those wishing to help out may not be available every night.

We'll make sure every Game Facilitator has a team list to help with the substitutions each night.

Each team will receive at least one ball for their team to help with a quick warm up session prior to kick off. Parents are reminded that many of the referees for these games are just learning to be game officials and we ask that you encourage and respect the decisions made on the field. We often have referee mentors out watching and helping with new officials so they can continue to learn and become good game managers.

Team Colours and Shirt Delivery

As with orders this big and with people continuing to register, sometimes shirt orders get a little mixed up or we run short of certain sizes and colours. Well, it's happened.

While we have the vast majority of sizing ordered by you, some late orders have yet to arrive and we expect some players may not receive their shirts this week. With that in mind, we've outlined team colours below and ask that, if possible, players wear these shirt colours this first week. DO NOT go out and purchase a new shirt, they are on their way. We are only short a few shirts but hope that by having team colours ready, everyone can play in their colours this week.

Team colours for all age groups are as follows:

Hurricane BLUE

Tornado Black

Storm RED

Lightning YELLOW

Cyclone GREY

Thunder GREEN

It's Soccer Weather!

Well, our opening week is supposed to be very nice, weather-wise. The first couple of weeks will be tight for those matches beginning at 7 pm. While the sun is setting a bit later each night, it is still setting before 8 pm right now but that should allow us to complete our 7 pm matches unless the weather gets really nasty.

Speaking of nasty weather, we play soccer in all kinds of weather, rain included. Above everything else, though, we want this to be a fun thing and we keep that in mind whenever making the decision to cancel matches due to inclement weather.

If the weather is iffy, keep an eye on your emails and also check our website at for updates. I will ensure any emergency announcements are on both the big BANNER section as well as the 'NEWS' section off to the right of the site.

Keep Us Posted!

I encourage you to connect with me if you have concerns, comments, or questions. We can't adjust or change things unless we hear about them. PLEASE contact me at if you have a concern (or even something nice to say). If there is unhappiness out there, we as a club want to fix it.

We are in this to make soccer available, fun, and meaningful for as many people as possible. That means players AND parents. Fire me an email and I promise I'll get back to you. We need your input to continue to provide programs and activities that are meaningful for everyone.

Thanks for signing up for the Spring Recreation League!


Summer/Fall Program Registration Is ON NOW!

Our Early Bird Registration prices are only on until April 15th! If you are interested in any of our GrassRoots 1 summer programs or all of our Fall programs, NOW is the time to get registered.

Check out the website under REGISTRATION for more details. If you have ANY questions, please connect with the office at 604-859-3033 or email me at with your queries.