A Intestinal Parisite


Crypto is a intestinal disease caused by the parasite, CRYPTOSPORIDiUM affecting the digestive system.

Body System Affected By This Desise and How This System Operates

The main system affected by this disease is the Digestive System. Digestion starts in the mouth when you chew your food and then moves through the GI Tract, the food mixes with digestive acids that break it down into smaller molecules that your body absorbs.


Any one can contract this disease but the people who are most at risk are........

  • kids that go to day care
  • baby sitters
  • parents of the infected kids
  • health care workers that help patients with Crypto
  • international travelers
  • hikers and campers that drink unfiltered water
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These are some of the ways you can contract the disease.....

  • by putting something in your mouth that has been infected with Crypto
  • by swallowing recreational water
  • by eating un cooked food that has the possibility of being contaminated with Crypto
  • by touching your mouth with contaminated hands
  • by handling infected cows and calves


  • Stomach cramps or pain
  • dehydration
  • nausea
  • vomiting
  • fever
  • weight loss


  • doctors haft to take servile stool tests to diagnose the deasis
  • there are specile labratoreys to help with the test


Nitazoxanide is FDA approved to treat part of the virus. If you drink plenty of fluids you can stay ahead of dehydration. The rapid loss of fluids is very risky with the virus already weakening your immune system. After you are diagnosed the disease often has to run its course through the body due to lack of medication to help fight this disease
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People don't tend to die from this illness, it is just a long two weeks of nausea and vomiting.


When I was younger I contracted the disease from a calf that I owned who had been infected, I was not told much about the disease due to my age at the time so now I am curious to learn about it.
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