Students in Technology - Sphero

How to connect sphero to your iOS device (ภาษาไทย Thai)

Link to the video above:

After bluetooth on the tablet/phone is turned on, tap Sphero. It will blink and then turn a solid color. Pair it on the device. When it stops blinking then it is connected.

Troubleshooting Sphero

  • If you have a problem connecting, go to bluetooth on your device and forget any previous connections. Turn bluetooth off & back on.

  • If you're trying to connect several in the same room, spread out, even send some people out in the hallway!

  • Loses connection - Turn bluetooth off, close the app out, then reconnect.

  • Loses connection and step above doesn’t work - Place it back on the charger and wait until it turns off. Then reconnect.

Sphero User Guide (formatted for mobile devices too)

TASK: Learn how to drive Sphero.

  • Open the Sphero App. The icon to look for is pictured above.
  • After Sphero and the app connect to each other click on play.
  • To aim Sphero, find the drive icon pictured above.
  • Touch, hold, and move right or left until the blue light on Sphero is facing you.
  • This is his tail light. When you drive him, it should always be facing you.
  • If something happens and you lose connection, read the troubleshooting directions above.


Tickle App Events and Motion

After viewing the video "Tickle App Events and Motion" above, locate the iPad app called Tickle.

  • Program Sphero to make a square.

  • Program Sphero to drive onto the floor target with the bulls eye being your ultimate goal.

Putting Sphero to Sleep

To turn off Sphero using Sphero app

  • Touch Cog icon

  • Touch the ZZZ Icon

  • At the top of the screen slide the button on the “Slide to Sleep”