Animal Experimentation

Should it be banned?

Animal experimentation is a inhumane practice that takes millions of animals' lives, and more should be done to prevent it. Should animals be used for testing and research, if it saves humans lives, even though they suffer?

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Effects on Animals

PETA says, "The stress, sterility and boredom causes some animals to develop neurotic behaviors such as; incessantly spinning in circles, rocking back and forth and even pulling out their own hair and biting their own skin." Over a hundred thousands animals are poisoned, blinded, and killed by corporations testing their project. The aren't exact numbers because mice, birds, cold blooded animals, and rats aren't uncounted for. That is because they aren't protected by the Animal Welfare Act, so they make up 95 percent of animal testing. Millions of animals also die for classroom experiments and dissections. Some examples of how they are treated are, mice and rats inhaling toxic fumes, dogs being force fed pesticides, and rabbits having corrosive chemicals rubbed in their stomachs and eyes.
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Is it Beneficial?

Even animal experimenters know there is an ethical problem and that the experiments should be done as humanely as possible. Some people think that animal experimentation should be allowed if it is humane, and if the results can't be found any other way. Others say that that still wouldn't be fair because they think the results could be found other ways with all of the technological advances. Their arguments that animal testing isn't beneficial are that the benefits to humans aren't proven and some products that didn't fail animal tests, failed human tests.
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What can be Done?

  1. Schools can stop using animals is classroom experiments and start using modern alternatives that help kids learn better, save teachers time, and save money for the school.
  2. People should demand that animal testing not be done on their products because it is ineffective and inaccurate.
  3. People should start buying cruelty free products.
  4. People need to start asking for humane, non animal tests to be done by the government instead.
  5. The Animal Welfare Act should start protecting every animal that is tested on.
  6. There should be more donations and volunteers to the organizations that try to protect the animals.


I think animal experimentation should be banned. It has many negative effects on animals. These effects can be be mental and physical. The experiments that are performed on animals, like dogs being force fed pesticides, are inhumane and would never be done to any humans. Another reason animal experimentation should be banned is, many products that passed animal tests, failed when used by humans. So, animals are killed and injured for tests that have proved to be inaccurate anyway. People should start trying to prevent animal experimentation by donating time and money to animal organizations. In conclusion, animal experimentation should be banned because animal shouldn't have to die for tests that aren't beneficial to humans.