3K News!

Week of January 12-16, 2015


1/18- No school, MLK Day

1/19: Dine Out For Tatem

3K has earned their second marble jar celebration! On Tuesday, students will be allowed to wear pajamas to school and bring in a stuffed animal. 3K is excited about all of the hard work they've done to achieve this goal!

Thank you to parents for helping students put together such a special birthday for me. The students threw me a beautiful surprise party, filled with fun signs and yummy treats. I am so grateful to have such thoughtful and sweet kids in 3K!

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Honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

In 3K, we discussed that our day off on Monday is to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As a class, we read a biography about Dr. MLK Jr. to learn more about his life and the great impact that he made on our country. We discussed how he spread his dream in a peaceful way and that he spread love by uniting Americans of every race. We also discussed that it doesn't matter what you look like on the inside, but you are only judged on the content of your character.

After our discussion, students made a list of important words that they believe characterize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Each student chose a word and then thought of their own dream that they have for the world. We created posters to add to our hallway to demonstrate the great impact that Dr. MLK Jr made and the dreams that we have for the world.

Sharing our Informational Books with 3F

This week, we had the opportunity to read the informational books written by the authors in 3F. Ms. Flanagan's class wrote their texts electronically, so we were able to peruse their texts on the iPads. We noticed that some of our topics were similar to students' in 3F and others were different. Before leaving, we wrote book reviews to tell the authors in 3F how much we loved their informational texts!

Coming Up:


Next week, we will begin unit 7 in math which is all about multiplication and division. Please continue to practice multiplication and division facts with your child at home.


We will also begin a new writing unit which will be all about persuasive writing. Students will have the opportunity to write persuasive speeches, petitions, and letters.


We will continue lesson 13 in our Journeys program. Students are learning how to analyze characters and evaluate similarities and differences between characters. Our spelling assessment will be on Thursday 1/22.

Have A Great Long Weekend!