Don't Get Associated With A Myth

By Lily Rischard

Writing On The Walls

  • All Egyptians should join in!
  • We will be writing myths of our past pharaohs on pyramid walls!
  • Feel free to exaggerate!
  • Refreshments will be passed out by the hardest working slaves to only the upper class!
  • At the time of horus, tomorrow. (At dawn he flies through the sky as a hawk)

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Queen Of Lie

Here is my story. So a deadly snake was in my way and I threatened it that I would cook it up and eat it if I saw it again. Apparently a slave overheard me and wrote on a pyramid wall that it was okay to eat deadly snakes. Then the word got around. Next a guy found out and thought maybe a deadly snake would taste good and so he ate one. He died and I got blamed for it! People tell this story to show never tell a lie. Sadly, yes now there is a myth called Queen Of Lie.
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