School Vending Machines

By: Emilia Myslak

Have you ever wanted a vending machine in your pod? With the all time handy snack machine, will always get your wish! A vending machine in each pod has a lot of pros, and only one con: the money to buy it, but that can be easily resolved with a fundraiser. Okay so here are the pros: 1- No more hungry kids, and no hungry kids means no distractions in class. 2- Having a bad day. Many people may think a vending machine will not resolve a bad day, but it will. And last but not least reason, 3- After school programs.
Many students forget their snack, and then are hungry for the rest of the day. Many students will say that this is true. When students forget their snack, they can head down the pod, pop in a dollar bill, and KAZAAM!!! You will have a snack. Without the hungry kids, there will be almost no more distractions, from the cause of hungry kids. Plus when you are not hungry you tend to learn and pay attention better.
Having a bad day, if you are having a bad day or are feeling down, a vending machine is just the thing for you! Whenever you are crying a nice snack or juice pouch, can rise your spirits probably for the rest of the day. And maybe instead of going to the counselor's office to cry your heart out, you can grab a snack that will make you feel the best. Mabey even better than when you started of.
Kids whose parents are always late to pick them up, probably get hungry while they are waiting. Even after school clubs like robotics, or Dramatics, I get hungry from practicing or building. So insted of them waiting not having fun, and being hungry, they can be in the game while eating a snack. Even then, you would have rather lost a dollar and had fun than, be sitting on the side and hungary.
A vending machine has a lot of pros, keeping hungry kids full, taking away most classroom distractions, almost no more bad days, and for after school programs, well the kids there will be happy!