The Boehner Gazette

Sponsored by: The Lord & Savior John Boehner!

Government Shutdown!

The government is shutdown? Clearly the doing of the dark satanic lord Barrack Obama. The only man that can save us at this point is The Lord... JOHN BOEHNER! He will come in like a wrecking ball and destroy the Fiscal Cliff. He will bring back the Government to what it used to be! The evil satanic Obama has caused ALL of this debt. The average hardworking man, John Boehner, will be the one to get rid of the debt with hard-work and perseverance! He will keep our freedom, liberty, money, and happiness intact!

Our Lord Boehner Facts!

  1. Loves puppies!
  2. Great guy!
  3. Born in a middle class family!
  4. Will defeat the Evil Satanic lord Obama.
  5. The people's man!

He's yearning for America back

Dark Lord Obama Facts!

  1. Was kicked out for using the drones for EVIL!
  2. Arch Nemesis is anything that begins with an R like Republican.
  3. He started the war with Al Qaeda.
  4. Created the Fiscal Cliff!
  5. A huge skidmark in the underpants of Society!

"I hates the Obama. We needs a saviours"

Hope is possible for this man. One man can be our savior. And we all know who that man is...


Obayma vs Boehner

Makes you want DUBYA back huh?