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Newsletter - Term 2, Issue 1 , 22 April 2021


As calendar dates can be subject to change, please always confirm events by checking our website -

23 April

  • Anzac Day Assembly

26 April

  • Anzac Day - Public Holiday

27 April

  • Cyber Safe Pre Kindy - Yr 2 Parents workshop @ 6 - 8.30pm (Dance Hall)

30 April

  • Student Assembly

Please be aware that the 4th June is a PUPIL FREE DAY

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Welcome Back

Welcome back to what will be a long but exciting Term 2. We hope that all families had a blessed Easter celebrating with loved ones. We also welcome to our school community, new staff:

  • Miss Emily Rasmussen, who is replacing Mr Rob Noseda for Term 2.
  • Mr Neville Hogan, who has replaced Mr Ray Plant as grounds person.
  • Mrs Sharon Freer-Smith who will be working in Support and Year 3 classrooms for Term 2.

The above image is very powerful one in that it signifies the importance of a living God and a living faith. The three most important pieces of evidence in support of the resurrection of Christ are the vacated tomb. His many appearances testified to by eyewitnesses, and the rise of the Christian Church.

The very earliest account of the resurrection all report that the tomb was empty due to the fact that it was all within three days of his burial. Jesus’ followers believed He was alive not simply because of an empty tomb. Rather, it was because they’d seen Jesus right before their eyes. What does the resurrection actually mean to us?

It provides us with hope. It means that when things don’t go as planned, Jesus is still there. I am reminded of a song by Steven Curtis Chapman, where the lyrics read:

“When you think you've hit the bottom
And the bottom gives way
And you fall into a darkness
No words can explain
And you don't know how you make it out alive
Jesus will meet you there.”

“Resurrection is not a denominational issue or a point for theological debate. Either we believe Christ rose from the dead and ascended to heaven or we do not. If we reject His victory over the grave, we deny ourselves a place in eternity. But if we accept the truth, Paul assures that we will be saved.” (Taken from "The Resurrection: Does It Matter?" by In Touch Ministries)

COVID Restrictions

The recent changes of Covid restrictions have approved venues with fixed seating to permit 100% occupancy. This includes places of worship such as our parish. From this term, when classes attend Mass, families have the opportunity to join them.

In a school setting, we are still required to follow the two square metre room for indoor events. The following procedures will continue to be in place:

  • Parents/Carers of all year levels may enter the classrooms. There is a limit of 10 parents/carers per class. If more than 10 parents/carers wish to enter the classroom, again please share this time accordingly.
  • Parent/Carer rosters can begin from Term 2.
  • All parents and grandparents are able to attend school assemblies.

All parents/carers entering classrooms are required to:

  • Sanitise their hands utilising one of the many dispensers around the school.
  • Scan in on the SafeWA App.
  • Maintain safe social distancing.

Anzac Day

Our Year 5 students will be leading our assembly this Friday. I have been lucky enough to hear their wonderful singing and speaking about Anzac Day. Anzac Day is a national day of remembrance in Australia and New Zealand that broadly commemorates all Australian and New Zealanders “who served and died in all wars, conflicts, and peacekeeping operations” and ‘the contribution and suffering of all those who have served’. A sad but beautiful reminder of the personal sacrifices made for all of us in the blessed country of ours.

Families are most welcome to join us for this service.

Science of Reading

Our reading vision for learning, is based on the Science of Reading (Structured Literacy) and best practice around literacy acquisition. SOR is an enormous body of research and an emerging consensus that converges into how the brain learns to read and how reading should be taught in our schools to ensure the best outcomes for all students. SOR includes both foundational skills of decoding and encoding (spelling) and higher level literacy skills of reading comprehension, fluency and written expression. For extra reading please click on the link below:

A parent workshop has been organised for parents with children in PK – 2 for the 6th May at 6pm. This will be facilitated by Mrs Jenny Baker, who is passionate about teaching children "How Words Work", and in fact, that is the mission statement of her practice at Fremantle Speech Pathology Services.

“Words need to be investigated at every level; from their inside workings through to the way they coordinate together in sentences to position readers emotionally or intellectually. Students need to learn how to analyse words and also how to control them. They need to be taught explicitly and creatively; this is always my challenge!”

Whole School Mass

Thank you to Fr Stephen for facilitating our Mass on Wednesday morning. Thank you especially to Mrs Longbottom, for leading the choir in beautiful and reverent manner. The singing was outstanding from everyone! A beautiful mass to start the term.

Winter Uniform

I have noticed most children return to school with their winter uniforms. I need to comment on how well groomed and neat they all look. Thank you parents for your support and commitment to ensuring we all take pride in the way your children look. A reminder about the length of hair and the correct uniform items can be found here.

Have a fantastic week,

From a tragic Dockers fan and God bless.

Maura Killalea



Project Compassion Boxes

Thank you to all the families who saved their change for this very worthwhile cause! Please return these to the church by Friday 23rd April.

Cyber Safety & Digital Wellness Workshops

A big thank you must go to our P&F who sponsored these informative sessions for our parents and students in Years 3 – 6. The feedback we have received has been incredibly positive! Thank you to Kayelene Kerr Dip(PublicSaf), AdvDip(PublicSaf), BA(Just) for her insights and expertise that she so willingly shared to us all. Here are some of the comments that were made to me around the school today:

“Outstanding parent seminar by Kayelene Kerr from eSafeKids. Thank you St Luke’s for starting this important conversation with our children and families.” ~ Tamara Boyer (Parent)

“Watching an iPad before bed affects your sleep. We need at least a 90 minute break before bed” ~ Stella Martino (Y3)

“It was interesting to hear that more people need glasses now because of the higher rates of myopathy since Covid lockdowns” ~ James Mratovich (Y3)

“My dad came home and we both had a talk about what we had learned from our workshops. Dad told me that when we have play dates, we need to wait until the end before we take out devices. I told him that I didn’t know that someone was trying to be Justin Bieber online and is now in jail!” ~ Annie Thomas (Y4)

“We should have a break from our devices every 20 minutes and make sure we are looking at things at least 6 metres away and get up and do something different for a while.” ~ Lachlan Moses (Y5)

“AirPods can affect your hearing because they’re so little and you need to turn them up to block out background noise” ~ Josie Firth & Taylah Cadd (Y6)

“Everything you send online, never goes away! It is stored in a building of computer servers. Even if you delete it, it will never go away! Creepy!” ~ Hayley Bulloch & Ella Merton (Y6)

If any parents were not able to attend last night, you are welcome to join the Junior Parent Cyber Safety Workshop next Tuesday at 6pm in the Hall.

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Kaylene has a website and a facebook page that are available to all our families: &

Thank you again to our hardworking P&F for investing in the well-being of our families here at St Luke’s!

The Kids Bulletin

There is a fabulous resource that is worthwhile accessing to further enhance our children's understanding of the weekly Gospel readings. Check it out here:

Have a fabulous week everyone!

Sarah Williams


Running Club Starts Next Week

We are excited to begin Running Club in Week 2 of term. Thank you to the students who commit regularly to this community event.

If you would like to join you are all most welcome:

  • Running Club is open to all students from Years 1 - 6. Pre- Primary and Kindy students are welcome to attend with the supervision of a parent or guardian for the entire session.
  • It takes place every Friday from 7.45am
  • Students who attend Running Club can wear their sport uniform all day.
  • Parents are welcome to join in!

Miss Emily Rasmussen (Miss R)

Physical Education Teacher


Our school community at St Luke’s recognises that from time to time children and families experience significant change and loss in their lives. This can be brought about by moves from interstate or overseas, major illness of a family member, separation or divorce of parents, death of a loved one or other circumstances. Children can benefit from learning how to manage these major life changes.

Seasons for Growth program is a successful education program that helps children to address feelings and issues associated with grief and loss and provides opportunities to develop coping strategies to support them through this difficult time. The program is conducted in small groups which helps children to understand that they are not alone in what they are experiencing and gives them the opportunity to learn from peers and form new bonds within the group. There are 8 sessions in the program, these are held in school time and are approximately 50 minutes in duration. The program concludes with a celebration party. There are three levels within the program relevant for primary school aged children. Level 1 (years 1&2) Level 2 (years 3&4), Level 3 (years 5&6).

If your child has experienced a recent significant loss or change in their life you might like to consider this program for them. If you would like more information about the program please go to

If you would like to express an interest in your child/children participating in Seasons for Growth during term 2 2021 please email by 29/4/2021. Please indicate that you give your permission for your child or children to attend, the name/s of your child/children, their class, a brief explanation of the loss that has occurred and that you have discussed this program with your child and that they agree to participate. For children whose parents have separated I will need permission from both parents for the child/children to attend.

As there is a maximum of six children per group, places within the group will be filled as responses come in. If there are not enough children to form a group I will contact parents and discuss alternative avenues of support.

Ann Peart

School Social Worker/Seasons for Growth Facilitator


Uniform Shop is open on Thursdays only from 7.45am - 9.45pm and again from 2.15pm to 3.15pm. If you need to contact the uniform shop co-ordinator please email Jodi on

Thank you.

Jodi Lyra



Welcome back families to a HUGE Term 2 at St Luke’s. There are a lot of events planned for this term and we look forward to connecting with you all. We wanted to send a thanks out to those volunteers who helped on the last day of Term 1 collecting, sorting and distributing those delicious hot cross buns to our St Luke’s classes. The P&F made over $440 dollars from this fundraising drive so thank you to our school community for your support.

Just a reminder The Kangaroo Café is up and operating from the first week of this term. Orders can be made via the Flexischool app. Thursday 11pm is the cut off time for lunch orders delivered on the following Monday. If you are free to volunteer on a Monday during term 2 and/or 3 please email

DON’T FORGET TO SAVE THIS DATE!!! The Mother’s Day breakfast BBQ and stall will be held in a couple of weeks’ time on Friday, 7th May. There will be a raffle and children may bring a maximum of $5 in to spend for the gift stall. Our year 5 group is organizing this event for 2021 and we thank them for helping us to show appreciation to the amazing mums, grandmas and women who bless our lives.

The other great event this term is the Father Son Camp at Nanga Bush Camp in Dwellingup. Held on the 11th -13th June, all dads and father figures are welcome to attend with their lads. Forms to book a place and payment details will be available soon. Thank you Paul Murphy for coordinating this event again!



Christian Lombardi has been teaching Drum and running ensemble workshops since 2014. Christian was one of the youngest applicants to be accepted into the Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts (WAAPA) at the age of 16. Christian graduated from WAAPA with a Diploma and Advanced Diploma in Contemporary Music and a Bachelor Degree in Performing Arts (major in Music Artist). Christian is also a Drummer/Percussionist for the Royal Australian Navy Band, he has been providing Drum lessons at St Luke’s since 2018 and is also an instrumental tutor at Holy Spirit Catholic Primary School. Christian is also a Drummer/Ensemble leader at Forte School Of Music. If you would like to get in touch with Christian to organise a free trial lesson please use the contact details provided.

Mobile number : 0451 422 769

Email :

Keyed Up Music Lessons

Keyed Up Music will be teaching guitar group lessons next term on Wednesday after school. Lessons start from $18.65 for a group of 4 per lesson. If you are interested in your son / daughter learning an instrument, ring Savanna on 1300 366 243 or enrol at

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