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In today's competitive business climate, it's critical to focus on your core competencies. Providing transportation management is our strength.

We concentrate our expertise and manpower so that you don't have to, letting you concentrate on what you do best which will save you a lot of time & money!

ADS is the one point of contact for all your logistics needs

Our core logistics services include:

  • Pre-engagement freight analysis across all major modes of transportation
  • Rate negotiation
  • Procurement of transportation, both contractually and in the spot market
  • Shipment execution and tracking
  • Daily account management and activity reporting
  • Carrier management, reporting, compliance and claims support
  • Freight bill auditing and payment are part of our services with a weekly statement provided.
  • Full collaboration to design an efficient management program that truly benefits each client’s specific needs: Inbound, outbound or drop-ship.

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Leader in Transportation Management

American Distribution Services is a leading provider of business process outsourcing, serving the transportation and logistics needs of our clients. Our dedicated service team and robust

procurement power enable our clients to see significant logistics savings while receiving

“Best-in-Class” continual service.

Improve the value of your supply chain, quality of service and increase your return on investment by assigning the repetitive and non-core functions of logistics to a dedicated team of transportation professionals. Refocus your resources and commit to your core business functions while receiving an improved transportation bottom line and outstanding service.

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Program Rate - Negotiation and Management

ADS's comprehensive logistics analysis is designed to let small and medium-sized shippers take advantage of the same competitive motor-carrier pricing larger shippers receive.

Similar to group buying programs that allow small stores to pool their orders into one large order, ADS's Free analysis also allows your company to benefit through improved logistics and bill accuracy. To participate in this exclusive analysis program, send our ADS team a selection of your freight bills for a free savings comparison. We then compare the cost you've, prepare a comprehensive report showing available improvements and commitments from our core carrier partners in total cost and service.

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Why American Distribution Services Stands above the rest.

Serving the transportation Industry for over 20 years and a carrier network that consists of over 100 carriers, ADS is the Premier provider of transportation solutions in the Chicagoland market. All of our carriers have been selected based on their ability to effectively serve our clients on the basis of price, technology capabilities, geographic coverage and quality of service.

The carriers in our network comprise all sizes including: large national trucking companies, mid-sized fleets, small fleets and owner-operators of single trucks. By leveraging our visibility into carrier capacity, we are also able to negotiate favorable rates, optimize our clients' transportation spending and provide a complete and cost-effective solution.

We continuously collect information on the carriers in our network regarding capacity, pricing trends, reliability, quality control standards and overall customer service. We believe this quality control program helps to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service regardless of the carrier that is selected for an individual shipment. We regularly monitor our carriers' pricing, shipment track record, capacity and financial stability using a system in which carriers are graded based on their performance against other carriers. This service gives our clients an enhanced level of quality control.