The Patriot Premier

The Weekly Update for NPHS families, Oct 21 - Oct 26, 2019

Recap: End of the First Quarter

Hello Patriot Family!

It was a good week at North Pole High School last week. What a privilege to be able to come to work every day with amazing staff and students! Take a look at the pictures below to get an idea of what I'm talking about...and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Teachers, support staff and coaches love what they do here and it creates a great environment for students to get an education.

This week is Halloween spirit week with dress-up days each day: Monday wear Halloween colors day 9th-purple, 10th-green, 11th-black, 12th-orange, staff-yellow; Tuesday is Vsco and eBoy day (better look that one up!), Wednesday is Squad-up day, Thursday is Sports day, and Friday is Costume day (we must be able to see your face). Friday we also have a school-wide assembly that will introduce our student clubs, among other things. Check out the activities for this coming week below, don't forget to schedule your parent-teacher conference online if you want (see below), and have a great week!


John Fink, Interim Principal NPHS

Pictures from Last Week (click to enlarge)

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This Week: Oct 21 - Oct 26, 2019

Mon 21st: Per 1,2,3,L,4,5,6

• October Spirit Week (dress-up days)

• Volleyball vs Hutch @ NPHS Senior Night 4:30/6 pm

Tue 22nd: Per 1,SSP,2,L,4,5

• Dress up day

Wed 23rd: Per 2,SSP,3,L,5,6

• Dress up day

Thu 24th: Per 1,SSP,3,L,4,6

• Dress up day

Fri 25th: Per 1,2,3,L,4,5,6

• Assembly! Click here for schedule.

• Wresting @ Lathrop Battle of the Interior Tournament

• Volleyball @ Service/Diamond Tournament in Anchorage

• Swimming @ All Schools Meet 6 pm Hamme

Sat 26th:

• Wresting @ Lathrop Battle of the Interior Tournament

• Volleyball @ Service/Diamond Tournament in Anchorage

• October Bash 1 - 6 pm @ NPHS

• Drive-In Movie Night @ NPHS beginning 8 pm


Coming this month...

• Oct 21: Spirit Week with Dress-up Days

• Oct 25: Assembly Schedule here

• Oct 26: October Bash @ Noon

• Oct 30: Patriot Poetry Recitation Contest @ 6 pm

• Oct 31 & Nov 1: Parent-Teacher Conferences, click here for schedule & on-line scheduling info