wecome to Guatemala

welcome to Guatemala

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Where in the world

Guatemala is in Central America. Central America is part of North America. It is part of the Caribbean sea. Mexico sits to the north and the west.

The People

In Guatemala they speak Spanish. They speak 20 different languages. Lots of houses have dirt floors. Corn is a very important food in Guatemala. Dried corn can be crushed into corn meal. People make tortillas. People eat them with beans and chilly peppers.

off to work

Half of Guatemalan workers are farmers. They grow coffee, beans, bananas, cotton, and sugarcane.

Most farmers don’t own much land.

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Things to Do and See

Animals such as the howler monkey lives in Guatemala’s rain forests.

Northern Guatemala has thick tropical rain forests. People have destroyed large areas of trees.

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Interesting Facts

Red hot lava pours out of the volcano. In Guatemala they have 37 volcanos. Some have not blown up in hundreds of years. Others are still active. Sometimes they shoot out lava or ash.