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Enlightenment of Montesquieu

Charles Montesquieu was a French lawyer and a political philosopher . He was born in Le Brede , France on January 18 , 1689 and deceased February 10 , 1755 . Charles greatest achievement was the separation of state powers now known as the 3 branches of government . His political beliefs were to prevent despotism and to divide political power to classify the systems of government based on their principles


I believe Mr. Rousseau , David Hume and Charles Montesquieu were friends of the time period of Enlightenment. But I think president Obama and him would go great together and for him to see how the capital and how America is right now doing great with a system he created . However him and Bill Gates go well too so he can help us upgrade on our current tech and see more new things

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"Liberty is the right to do what the law permits"