Ranch Hands

Highlands Ranch Highschool's ASL club

Mission Statement

Ranch Hands seeks to increase in our community awareness of American Sign Language and deaf culture through giving back to the deaf community through activities promoting the use of ASL, deaf culture, and interaction with deaf people.

About us

Ranch Hands is a club that everyone should join. Ranch Hands wants to help the deaf community. We will do this in many different ways. We will be doing lots of fundraising events. Once we raise money we well yes be spending it within our club but we want to help deaf classrooms. Due to there being 2 deaf schools in Colorado. We contact both of the schools and ask them if they nee anything. This could include technology, books, or other types of resources. Another way we plan on helping the deaf community is we well teach the kids that come and attend the meeting we will teach them about the culture, people, and signs.