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Goodbye January, Hello February!

With February upon us we are in a season of maintaining the good work for the 22-23SY with an eye on 23-24SY. With this, students completed/submitted their class registration forms this week within their advisement and with guidance from the advisor. Registration is important for multiple reasons:

  1. Students are properly scheduled based on academic needs.
  2. Staffing is based on the needs of students; class offerings drive who we hire to meet the needs of the student body.

If your student has yet to return their signed registration form they will need to submit those this coming Monday so we can enter class requests accordingly.

A few timely reminders and things to consider as we are 4 weeks through second semester:

  1. Check PowerSchool regularly - PowerSchool will not only provide you as parents with grades, but will also provide you with real-time attendance information directly to your cell phone. (Contact sreed@bryan.k12.ga.us or kwhitley@bryan.k12.ga.us if you need your login information.)
  2. If you have questions regarding academic support, grades, etc. - Please reach out directly to your child's teacher via email. We want to be able to ensure you have the provided information/support needed.
  3. Encourage your child to connect outside of the 4 walls of the classroom; RHHS offers a plethora of Extracurricular options and our 1st semester engagement proved beneficial with students GPA, Behavior, Attendance, etc.
  4. Join us at some of our upcoming Fine Arts or Athletic events to see your Wildcats in Action! One thing that makes RHHS unique is the community support we receive; come be a part of the action!
  5. Check out the newly published 23-24 and 24-25 SY Calendars!
  6. If you have any questions or are unable to find the needed information on our website/newsletter about anything RHHS or simply want to provide insight/experiences please use the form at the bottom of the email.

Enjoy the weekend ahead! Rest. Relax and Recharge

See Ya, Love Ya, Bye!



Important Upcoming Dates

  • 2/20-2/22 - No School-Winter Break
2023-2024 & 2024-2025 School Calendar

Got plans for the upcoming year that you are trying to solidify? The school calendars for the 23-24 & 24-25 School Year are listed here!

Spread the Good News! #ouRHouse

We know staff members at RHHS go the extra mile - we want to hear about it! When a staff member makes you feel special or does something exceptional, YOU can give them a shoutout and in return, the PBIS team will send them a treat!
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Prom 2023

Prom 2023 will be held on Saturday, March 25 from 7:30-10:30pm at the Savannah Trade and Convention Center on Hutchinson Island. All RHHS Juniors and Seniors who have paid their current year dues and are not on the Obligations List are eligible to attend. All students must register to receive a ticket using the Prom Ticket Registration form. Please click HERE to find out all the important information concerning Prom.

JCB Apprenticeship Career Fair

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Fine Arts

See all of the amazing things happening in Fine Arts by clicking below!
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THEA II, III, IV, and Technical Theatre I present the pathway's spring play, We Are The Sea, by Laura Lundgren Smith. This particular show follows Norah, Una, and Iseult as they set sail from Ireland to escape the ravages of hunger, only to find a new set of dangers on their ocean voyage. The so-called "coffin ships" are full of illness, squalor, and grief, and the passengers can rely only on one another and their memories for comfort. When a cruel, angry sailor refuses to show them mercy, it seems like even their stories might be lost, but the sea remembers everything. We Are The Sea is a poetic and striking historical drama with a hypnotic ocean chorus. Tickets are 5 dollars on GoFan!
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RHHS has a strong team of school counselors to support our students. Students are assigned a counselor based on their last name. All school counselors at Richmond Hill High School will provide developmentally appropriate counseling services based on data-driven practices to remove barriers to students' academic achievement and promote a safe and secure environment for all students.

  • Megan McDonough (Offringa-Slaughter)
  • Amber Crews (A-Cleland)
  • Emily Neff (Clements-Gravitt)
  • Tam Daniels (Gray-Larrea)
  • Debbie Kilpatrick (Larrosa-O'Rourke)
  • Amber Miles (Slusarski-Z)
  • Deanna Appleton (DE/5th YR/BA)

For additional information regarding the Richmond Hill High School Counseling Team, please click here!

RHHS Essential Information

School times

7:30am-2:30pm/Buildings open at 7am

Office Hours


Certificates of Enrollment

Drivers License

Learners Permit

Car-rider/parent drop-off information


Bus rider information- Bryan County Transportation Services

School nutrition information-

MySchoolBucks - Online Payment Portal

  • Breakfast - $2.25
  • Lunch - $3.25

Questions regarding remaining lunch balances should be directed to Carole Knight (School Nutrition Director) cellis@bryan.k12.ga.us/912-459-5121

Nurse/Clinic information-

Nurses: Taryn Parker (tparker@bryan.k12.ga.us) and Courtney Fuller (cfuller@bryan.k12.ga.us)

If you should need to discuss health information at length, please call to schedule a meeting. All clinic forms are available HERE. Inhalers and epi pens that are carried by the student must have forms completed by their physician.

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