Modern Day Estonia

Yuliana Torres 9th Hour


Marginal is where you could find the most interesting phenomena and combinations. Modern Classical music is Estonia's calling card. Music and singing has been an important role in Estonia for centuries. The tradition of great song festivals , which was born in the 19th century has remained a distinctive cultural event to the present day. In resent years the Viljandi Folk music festival has become a popular event for all ages , as it keeps alive and interprets the traditional music of different people. Art is another important role in Estonia, Literature , Theatre , Film, and architecture.


Estonia is considered a high-income economy by the world bank. A good indicator of wealth, was in 2013 $23,144. Estonia is ranked 11th in the 2014 index of economic freedom and the 4th freest economy in Europe. Estonia had the lowest ratio of government dept to GDP among EU countries at 6.7% at the end of 2010. Estonia also produces about 75% of its consumed electricity. In 2011 about 85% of it was generated with locally mined oil shale. Now Estonia is mainly influenced by developments in Finland, Sweden and Germany its three largest trade partners."The government recently increased its spending on innovation by a considerable amount"