the desert

the plants live in a harsh environment desert plants are adaptions the kind of plant there are is an saguro,barrell cactus, and old man cactus. there are also animals there are a bobcat, coyote , and a cactus wren.

desert biome facts

The desert Biome is an ecosystem that forms due to the low level of rainfall it recieves each year. deserts cover about 20% of the earth. there are four major types of desert in this biome-hot and dry, semiarid, coastal, and cold.they are all able to inhabit plant and animal life that are able to survive there.

desert plants

The sonoran desert is home to an incredible variety of succulents, including the giant saguaro cactus, as well as shrubs and trees like mesquite ,paloverde, and ironwood. the chihuahaun desert is noted for mesquite ground cover and shrubby undergrowth, such as yucca and pricky pear cactus.

desert animals

the animals that live in the desert usually have a special adaptation that allow them to survive the extreme temperatures and conditions that are present in the desert.

desert climate

the desert climate ( in the koppen climate classification BWh and BWk, sometimes also BWn), also known as an arid climate, is a climate that does not meet the criteria to be classified as a polar climate, which precipitation is too low to sustain any vegetation at all, or at most a very scanty shrub.

about the desert

The desert is dry,barren,hot and silent.

Not a drop of water for months.

There are two main types of desert in the world-the hot desert and the semi-desert.

The hot desert is usually near the equator.