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current population


how is the current population structured in terms of age and gender ?

Age: Gender:

0-14 yrs: 33.28% male : 22.3 yrs

25-54 yrs: 35.78% female: 22.7 yrs

55-64 yrs: 5.11%

65 yrs and over: 4.18%

what is the average life expectancy?

Male: 62.07 yrs

Female: 64.95 yrs

how is population distributed?

urban area population: 58.6% of total population

rate of urbanization: 3.78% annual rate of change

how has the population changed overtime?

Haitians now face a set of challenges including natural disasters, a weak economy and HIV. They need new ideas so that they can regain a life of normality and dignity. poor governance led the country into the economic and social decline that it experiences. The population explosion has had serious consequences for living standards in Haiti. The population doubled over the last 25 to 30 yrs, but the economy has not grown. violence has led to insecurity. Haiti has lost the opportunity for internal and foreign investment that could have broken the cycle of poverty and brought stability.
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what is the future of the population?

agriculture is central to the Haitian economy, employing more than half the population and serving as the primary source of income in rural areas.

how secure is Haiti's food supply?

As Haiti's population grows, the annual demand for food is exceeding local food production, creating dependence on imports and causing a net reduction in per capita food consumption.

how does this effect the population?

threats to food availability , combined with chronically high levels of poverty that also limit access to food, make adequate food intake a daily struggle for many Haitians.
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What significant health care concerns exist in Haiti?

60% of an already dysfunctional health system was destroyed in an instant. 10% of Haiti's medical staff were either killed or left the country. MSF had to relocate services to other facilities, build container hospitals, work under temporary shelters, and had to set up an inflatable hospital. Most health systems struggle with cataclysmic events. HUEH only public hospital offering orthopedic surgical care in the country is not fully rehabilitated and cannot run at full capacity.

Any current events effecting the population?

Yes, the earthquake that hit not that long ago made it hard for Haitian's to rebuild there shelters and or find new homes. Medical attention has been mostly destroyed. And food supply has been really hard to find.
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