Un rato con los amigos

Spanish 1 Sra. Rivera-McEwen

¿Qué te gusta hacer?

In this lesson you will learn to talk about activities, tell where you are from and say what you like and do not like to do.
Hispanics in the USA

After reading this article, use the data to create a graph (e.i. pie chart, a line chart, an area chart, etc.)

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Los Premios Juventud

Read this article about "Los Premios Juventud" and then do a quick web search and write down 2 of the big winners this year. Must include the artist names and the categories.
Submit on schoology under you class, Unidad 1 Lección 1, "Los Premios Juventud 2015" assignment.
5 Mejores Presentaciones en Premios Juventud 2015- Becky, 5H, Ricky y MAS
27th Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards | On the Red Carpet | PBS
La cultura hispana en Estados Unidos: 1. El idioma español
I Am the Army: American's New Military Caste (Latinos and the Caste System in the US Army)

Vocabulary Worksheets

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Spanish Subject Pronuns

Lern the subject pronouns in Spanish.

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Personal pronouns in Spanish + a song!
Spanish Subject Pronoun Rap (Los Pronombres)
Pronoun Rap Y'all

Subject Pronouns & ser worksheets

Bomba Estéreo - Soy Yo (Official Video)

You will be given a code to play along!

Recycle Spanish Speaking Countries

Go to this link and practice locating the Spanish Speaking Countries on the map.

J. Balvin - Ginza
Ricky Martin - La Mordidita (Premios Juventud 2015)[Courtesy of Univision] ft. Yotuel

Cuban Sandwich

Read the article and then post in schoology if you've had a Cuban sandwich and if not , would you like to try one?
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Learn Spanish - Talking about Likes/Dislikes (part 1)

Gustar + Infinitive verbs

Present Tense of Gustar with Infinitive Verbs

1. The infinitive form of the verb tells what’s happening. But unlike a conjugated verb, it doesn’t tell you who the subject is.

2. In Spanish, infinitives may have one of three endings:

-ar like in nadar = to swim -er like in correr =t o run -ir like in escribir = to write

3. Like nouns, infinitives are used after gustar to say what people like to do.

(A mí) me gusta patinar. = I like to skate (A él) le gusta comer. = He likes to eat.

4. Whenever you use gustar with an infinitive verb, the correct form is gusta (not gustan).

Me gustan los videos. = I like videos. (gustar is followed by a noun)

Me gusta alquilar videos. = I like to rent videos. (gustar is followed by a verb)


Pronouns after Prepositions

1. Pronouns can stand for the same noun yet still have different forms, depending on how they’re being used in the sentence.

2. You already know subject pronouns and the pronouns used with gustar. Pronouns have a different form when they come after prepositions, such as a (to), de (of, from, about), con (with) and en (in, on, at).

3. The pronouns and ti combine with con to make the special forms conmigo and contigo.

4. With gustar, the phrase formed by a and a pronoun can be added to a sentence to clarify or emphasize who likes something.

J Balvin - Safari ft. Pharrell Williams, BIA, Sky
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The verb gustar worksheets

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El arte de Miami

Music (2005), Xavier Cortada
¿Que te gusta hacer? TEST Review Packet

Open this link, print and complete to review for the TEST.

"gustar" Project

Gustar Project

OVERVIEW: You are going to rewrite the lyrics to a song involving gustar.

OBJECTIVES: To successfully write and speak using gustar with nouns and verbs, (querer with infinitives, ir + a,) learned vocabulary, and to get creative!


In groups of 3, 4, or 5 (with special permission), you are going to rewrite the lyrics to a song and then present that song to the class. Possible songs include: Baby Me Gusta, Me Gustas Tú, El Ritmo Vuelta, or a song of your choice (it does not have to be a Spanish song) as long as you have permission to use it (think a la Baby Me Gusta). You can present it in a video, as a PowerPoint, as a live presentation, or as some combination of those things. BE CREATIVE! Think about the resources available to you and take advantage of them!

You must include:

· Examples of gustar with nouns (both singular and plural)

· Examples of gustar with infinitives

· Examples of querer (with nouns or infinitives)

· Examples of ir + a (with nouns or infinitives)

· Examples of telling who you do things with (con quién), the frequency or when you do things (siempre, a veces, nunca, los sábados, etc.), and/or weather expressions (hace mal tiempo, hace sol, etc.)

· A visual aspect to your presentation (dance moves, actions, a PowerPoint presentation, a video, etc.)

OPTIONS: I am open to other suggestions if you do not want to rewrite a song. Your project needs to include a writing component, a visual component, and a speaking component. If you’d like to do something else, just talk to me and have it approved!

Que es El Dia De Los Muertos? What is the Day of the Dead?