The Crusades

By: Sergio Martinez 7-1

Get Jerusalem back

The Arabs have closed the city to Christians. If you are Christians and believe in Jesus and Jerusalem was the place were Jesus was crucified and ascended to heaven. If you believe in Jesus and don't want anything to happen to the city Jesus ascended to heaven help us out and join the Crusades.

We Need Your Help To Save Jerusalem!

The Benefits if you join.

It will clear all of your sins since you are helping get back the city were Jesus was crucified and ascend to heaven. If you also help the Crusades than you will become a good person and you will have a good souls for helping fight and get back Jerusalem. If you really do believe in Jesus than you should join.

When you Join the Crusades

When you join the Crusades they will automatically forgive all your sins no matter how bad it is. Even if you die traveling to Jerusalem you will go to heaven. If you die while you fight you go to heaven and God will forgive your sins even if you don't die during the fight you will still go to heaven when you die later on.

The Pope

The pope depended the help of the Crusades. When Jerusalem was in need because the Arabs blocked of the city so Christians can't come inside the pope asked for help. The called out to the Crusades and he gave deals from the Gods if you help or join. He promised that if you help God will forgive all your sins. Also it said if you help you can become a good person and you will have a good soul.