The Future of Food

ELMS Series Speeches/Performances


We are holding a new speech summit on the topic "The Future of Food". You will choose a topic regarding the future of food to discuss at the summit. Your topic and delivery method must be approved by the coordinator (Ms. Gibson) before you can begin working.


Your presentation on must be some kind of oral presentation that includes visuals. It should be between 3 and 5 minutes long and reflect deep research on the topic. You will hand in your organized research and an annotated bibliography.

Steps for Completion

Create a Research Question and Complete a Submission of Intent

Decide on a topic and how you plan to work (individual/group).

Create a research question to guide your research on your topic. For example, if you topic was food miles, then a research question might be “How does the distance food travels affect our health and our economy?”

Use the form below to submit requests for topics and/or group members. If working in a group, only one member needs to complete this form.

Conduct Research

Use a method to keep your research organized. Some examples include:

  • a research journal
  • note cards
  • the NoodleTools research tools
  • Cornell Notes

Remember you must also hand in an annotated bibliography.

Design Your Presentation

Remember that it must be oral, but beyond that you have some freedom. Some examples of acceptable products are speeches and performances (spoken word, acting, and/or singing).

Submit your request for a presentation in the form below. Ms. Gibson will get back to you within a day with either an approval or suggestions on how to change the idea to better fit the project requirements.

Practice Your Presentation

It should be polished when you present it to the class.

Perform Presentation

Project presentations will take place March 24th - 26th. The start time of the presentations may shift a day depending on the number of groups formed for this project.

Hand In Work

All annotated bibliographies and research notes must be handed in by Wednesday, March 25th.