Neon Nancy


Neon Nancy lives in the city. She has the superpowers of using herself as light in the dark as well as brightening you're mood when you're down. Her abilities serve as a necessity to people around her and herself, that's why she's considered a superhero. She gained her superpowers as a child and has used them ever since to her advantage.

Characteristics of Neon

A noble gas that is colorless and a nonmetal. Neon forms in stars and that is how it gets some of its glow. Also, is known to not be toxic


  • Neon
  • Atomic number = 10
  • Avg. Atomic mass = 20.18
  • Contains 10 protons and 10 neutrons

Important Uses of Neon

When thousands of volts are applied to it, it emits a glow and therefore is often used to brightly light advertising signs. It is also used to make high voltage indicators and combined with helium to make neon-helium lasers.

Neon Nancy's Powers

She uses her body to emit a glow and make her way through dark spaces as well as serving as a flashlight to others. But her weakness is as she gets older, she slowly loses her brightness. Another superpower of hers is that she can brighten your mood whenever you are down. She even has the capability to shoot laser beams out of her eyes to keep the bad guys away.