Black holes

The Great Sucker

Black holes

Blacks holes sucks in everything in its path.There is 3 layers The outer event hole,inner event horizon,and the singularity.The outer layer is the weakest,the inner is stronger,the singularity is the strongest of all.Scientist don't know much about black hole but they know they exist.

What is this Sucking Giant?

Black holes form when planets cant hold there weight the pressure makes the planet get smaller,smaller,and smaller.Soon it would be smaller than an atom!All the mass from the planet is in a very small space.When it is in the small space the gravity is very strong and can suck in everything.

What is that?

It is hard to tell but it is the center of the milky way there a black hole in the center of our galaxy!

Black holes are a mystery?!?!?!?

Scientist don't know much about black holes there are a mystery.There is so many secrets about black holes ,but what are they?We will learn more in the future.