Regina Caeli Newsletter

June 2023

Queen of Heaven Pray for Us!

Regina Caeli or Queen of Heaven is a beautiful prayer! Check it out!!

June... Sacred Heart of Jesus!

June is finally here! The Church recognizes June for the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We also celebrate the iconic men in our lives on Father's Day.

This month, we are focusing on The Sacred Heart and Saint Joseph, whom the Lord entrusted to care and protect the Holy Family. The Sacred Heart of Christ symbolizes His great divine and human love to lay down His life for us, showing the ultimate strength, courage and love of man. Saint Joseph was an amazing model of the masculine genius to his growing foster son. He taught Jesus the trade of carpentry; he raised Him in the love of God and the Jewish faith; and He showed Him how to love and care for His Blessed Mother.

While Saint John Paul II wrote of the "feminine genius" as the "unique essence of womanhood," it is understood that God also instilled the "masculine genius" as the unique essence of manhood. The iconic men in our lives reflect the Love of God with their strength, courage, service, protection and willingness to lay down their lives for others. They are simply heroic!

During our five minute morning prayer, we have been learning about Saint Joseph and his heroic example of the essence of manhood. Thank you to all of the men in our lives who unabashedly serve family, community, and country. Your selflessness teaches us our worth.

One heroic man that comes to mind is Father Cibelli. His devotion, commitment and continuous prayers for our school have strengthened and protected us. He has stood in the Truth of God, unwavering in the teachings of the Church and meticulously ensuring the beauty of the liturgy. I am grateful that he trusted me to lead Saint Mary Catholic School. I have grown under his supportive leadership and I have enjoyed his spiritual guidance and humor. He has been a blessing to this community, and I know he will be a blessing to his new community. We will miss you Father. Thank you for everything! And don't forget to be exceptional!

I want to close with a big THANK YOU to all of our SMCS community! You have welcomed me in and allowed me the time and grace to learn about this wonderful little powerhouse school! I wish all of you a sensational summer! Have fun in the sun!!

Let's be exceptional!!

Peace in Christ,

Michelle Smetanick, Principal

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