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End of the Year Checkout

Please ensure that you have the following documents for the end of the year checkout.

  • Class Roster Templates to each teacher
  • Individual Student Cards to each teacher
  • Curriculum Inventory Sheets
  • Furniture Inventory Sheets - (To be delivered)
  • Maintenance Request Form - (To be delivered)

We will discuss the process further at the staff meeting. Please email Brandon, Brionne, or Meghan for any questions.

YACS Fest Staff Volunteers

If you have not already done so, please sign up for a slot to volunteer during YACS Fest. Your help is needed to make this festival great. We are also asking that all homeroom teachers take a minute to encourage students to attend and purchase t-shirts and bands at pre-sale prices.


Unplanned observations are still going on. We will finish up before the last week of school.

Offer Letters

If you have not turned in your signed offer letter, please return them as soon as possible. Additionally, if you have received an offer letter but you are not planning to return, please notify Meghan or Brandon as soon as you can. Our aim is to have all teams finalized by early June so that each team can plan during the summer if so desired.

Staff Meeting

Don't forget our final staff meeting is Tuesday, May 10th from 3:45-4:45

Social Studies Field Test is cancelled.

We are not taking Social studies. Since we won't be leap testing Taylor is going to open the STAR window early so if you feel your students are ready next week and might be too burnt out or distracted the week after next you have the option to get it over with.