Monkey Business

B5 Transitional Three's Ms. Meghan


  • Next weeks theme: Week of the Young Child
  • Letters of the week: No new letters this week
  • Book Fair April 12 - 15 (this week)

Reminders / Notes

  • Please stop by the Book Fair this week. It's a great way to support our school and keep these AMAZING Boys reading.
  • AMAZING BOYS!!! I am so proud of all my friends!

What We Are Working on This Month

  • Shape: Oval
  • Color: Red
  • Counting: general counting: boys, the numbers on the calendar, our shapes, and anything else we can find to count.
  • Bible Verse / Song: "The Father has sent His Son to be the Savior of the World." 1 John 4:14
  • Frog Street Press: Oval (A.K.A. Olive Oval)
  • Calendar: April, Spring season, daily weather observations, days of the week song.

What We Did This Week

  • We enjoyed Spinnyo's, stickers, keys in the sensory table, legos on the light table, , Little Pet Shop, caterpillar observation, bear sorting, dinosaurs, puzzles, crayons, and markers.
  • We had Story Time with the entire Blue Hall on Thursday and Friday. I just love Story Time!!!
  • We had a fire drill on Thursday.
  • For Art, we painted an oval red on Tuesday. We drew under the table on the letter U on Wednesday (check out our Shutterfly site for fun pictures of this). We made a vase on the letter V on Thursday, and Friday we painted with bubble wands.
  • We read: "Oval", "Red", "Uncle Ugbee", "Hot Rod Hamster", "Hot Rod Hamster, Monster Truck Mania", "Leonardo the Terrible Monster", "Open Very Carefully, a book with bite","Victor the Vulture", "Firefighter Ted", "Pete the Cat and his four groovy buttons", and "Goldilocks and the three dinosaurs". Our favorite book this week was "Leonardo the Terrible Monster"

Link to our Shutterfly site: