Stanley News

May 2016

Welcome May!

April came and went in a snap! The tulips and daffodils are blooming in our little first grade garden. With Spring Break nothing but a memory, the month was jam-packed with important learning and the unfolding of second-grade skills!

Thank you to all who were able to join us at Open House! We had a fantastic turn-out, and I'm happy you were able to see some of the fine work children throughout the building are producing!


We completed Unit 6, Comparisons and Data, with much effort being put forth by our mathematicians. We had many conversations about comparison bars, and the students were great teammates working together to solve problems. They are wonderful at sharing their thinking using "math talk" to explain their reasoning. We have begun Unit 7, Geometry, Measurement and Equal Shares.

Please help your child with learning to tell time on an analog clock with a minute and an hour hand. Time to the hour and especially the half hour can be tricky for first graders.

Our math language includes 2-D and 3-D shapes, including rectangle (a square is a rectangle), triangle, hexagon, trapezoid, circle and half and quarter circles. Along with these concepts are the terms angle, corner, side, vertice and edge. We will also explore half, third and fourth.

In measurement, besides measuring time, we are comparing and ordering shorter and longer objects by length.

Remember to log in to Think Central and look over the student activity book to get an idea of what's coming up in math. There are also games/activities which support the concepts we are working on in class in Mega Math- Fraction Action, Shapes Ahoy. and Ice Station Exploration are all great for this Unit.

Also, If you go to My Library, then Math iTools, you can click on Geometry and Measurement to have your child explore these concepts further.

Many parents have found this helpful to see what we are learning in class, as well as being able to locate Homework and Remembering pages that have somehow gotten lost on the way home!

Let me know if you need help navigating Think Central or your child's password again!

English Language Arts

We have completed the Apprenticeship Writing unit in Writer's Workshop, and are now deeply immersed in "Personal Expertise: All About" books. The children are really enjoying writing all about their families as their first books in this unit, and will move into a self-selected area of their "expertise." Some topics will be Zoos, Reptiles, Fishing, and Soccer. I love our individual writing conferences! The children are becoming more expressive with every written piece!

In Reader's Workshop, we are continuing to work on Mixed Genre, learning the elements of character, setting, problem and solution as well as retelling. The children select new "good-fit" books for their personal book bins frequently, and independent reading stamina is at an all time high! Small skill groups continue to meet while children are reading independently.

We have begun a weekly Daily 5 activity, where the morning revolves around five literacy components: Read to Self, Read with the Teacher, Word Study, Work on Writing and Reading with Technology.

Word Study:

Many families have found the "Spelling Activity" pages that have been going home at the beginning of the week to be helpful in practicing the word sort categories your child is working on. Please feel free to use the activities you feel best suit your child's needs/wants. The completed activity sheets should be attached to the outline page, with your child's name on each page. Thanks.


We have begun the Air and Weather unit in science. We are learning how air can move things, air pressure and will begin learning about clouds and precipitation. The students will learn what it is a meteorologist does, and the tools they use to gather their data, including thermometers and anemometers.

Social Studies

We have embarked on a study called How Do We Learn About Places, previously known as the Mapping Unit. The children are learning about aerial perspective, bird's eye view, absolute locations (home address, school address), maps (including north, south east and west), bodies of water and land masses.

This and That

Wearin' the Wild:

Help Northwood choose an animal to adopt at the Detroit Zoo. Make your selection by Friday, May 13th so we can tally the results and make our donation to the Zoo.

Just click on the link below to make your selection. After you choose, send in $1 or more to school to help support the animal you have chosen. Your child may wear clothing with an animal print on May 13.

Thank you for your support!

Here is the link:

Book It!

Thanks for all who participated in the monthly Book It! reading calendars. While our reading at home never stops, the Pizza Hut program ended on March 31. The children who brought in all six calendars with the dates they read colored in and signed by a parent, will have lunch with me on Tuesday May 10. No need to pack a lunch or order for that day, the pizza lunch is my treat!

PBIS- Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports-

We strive daily to practice positive behaviors at Northwood, following a matrix of expectations and modeling/giving examples of what the expectations look like. This month we will be working on Playground Behavior.

As the weather warms up and we are going outside more, the children need to remember what our basic rules are and what is appropriate and safe on the playground. Please let me know if you need another copy of the PBIS Matrix so that you may support your child AND the staff at Northwood, by reminding your child about our expectations.

Royal Oak Schools Website-

Have you noticed? Some of our darlings are on the RO Schools homepage! If you signed a Media Opt-Out form at the beginning of the year, your child's picture will not be displayed.


Thank You!

Finally, I just want to say Thank you to all of you who are able to participate in the classroom and at home, by volunteering your precious time and efforts to making our little classroom hum. Whether it is organizing books, walking on field trips, putting together science activities, putting up displays of children's work or working with students, every little bit you do adds up!

I'm sorry more of you were unable to join us at the Volunteer Recognition Dinner! We at Northwood recognize that you are an INVALUABLE piece of the puzzle that makes us GREAT!