Boost of Confidence & Healthy Skin?

October 20th, 2015

How can makeup help your self esteem and still help you maintain healthy clear skin?

Red lips can rule the world

  • In 2013
  • "For me, mascara is like underwear. I pretty much don't leave home without it"
  • a little bit of makeup is like' presenting a slightly better version of my natural self"
  • Natasha Scripture's opinion

Does makeup cause acne?

  • Acne can be caused by stress levels increasing
  • Makeup can make some people feel beautiful and more confident
  • In 2005, Dr. Hayashi did a study on makeup on the skin. In this study, a makeup artist was asked to teach basic makeup techniques to a group of 18 women with acne. The women would apply makeup for four weeks while their skin was being treated. The study resulted in higher self-esteem, a better social life, and improved acne. While this study cannot conclude whether the women’s acne would have gotten even better without the makeup or if the makeup interfered with the acne treatment, it is safe to say that the makeup did not have any negative effects on the women’s acne due to the fact that it improved their skin.
  • "Overall, the study conducted cannot conclude that makeup worsens or improves acne. However, the results are consistent with the hypothesis that makeup does not worsen acne"

Can makeup cause acne?

  • yes
  • 45%- the makeup some people are wearing cause skin disease
  • 14%- acne from makeup
  • acne takes months to form
  • go bare skin when you can



  • Anxiety- When you're feeling worried about something that may happen.
  • Self- Esteem- How much you value and respect yourself.
  • Confidence- The feeling or belief that one can rely on someone or something; firm trust
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