First Time Dining

what to do when its your first time in a restaurant

What to do

What to do when seated- Start looking at the menu, and find the drinks. Tell the waiter or waitress what you want to drink, and when they go to get your drinks, look at the food and pick out what you want to eat.

How to get a waiter's attention- say "hey" to a not-so-busy waiter at the place when they are passing by you.

What Gratuity is, and how to figure it on a bill- Gratuity is a tip for the waiter, you figure it by moving the decimal and doubling the number

What to do when you finish each course- put the plates you just got done using into a pile, then wait for the next course

**Other helpful hints when dining out**- cover mouth when burping, hold in farts, don't be too loud, talk loud enough so just the people at table can hear you when holding a conversation, don't talk about gross or inappropriate things, cover mouth when chewing and trying to talk, try swallowing food before talking, say thank you to waiter,

Definition of a la carte and a la mode

a la carte- listing or serving food that can be ordered as separate items, rather than part of a set meat

a la mode- served with ice cream