Flash Force Five

Message from Central Command

Thank you for Joining us, Soldier!

New missions are presently being organized, but the first one should involve either withdrawing money from your bank account or not shopping at a certain store. We will target establishments who violate the will of the people through unfair wages, environmental violations, or unrestrained greed resulting in foreclosures which put people in the street, manufacturing jobs outsourced, tax evasion, criminal military action, failure to prepare for a carbon-less future, among other ills.

I have personally been violated by Bank of America, foreclosing on my property and forcing myself and my family into the street after failing to provide any modification opportunities despite their knowledge that I had become unemployed. I would like to create a run on this bank not only because of my experience but also because BofA has a reputation and in fact a lawsuit against them (US v BofA, 2012) prohibiting this conduct - and they still do it.

However, please send suggestions for Missions through the website or this email. Also, please tell as many friends and like-minded people about the site and the goals. This is critical. We must build our network as quickly as possible. This is a work in progress - a good work in progress.

If the site grows as anticipated, funds will be utilized to continue to grow the network and to organize negotiating platforms. If we succeed in getting the attention of the Monied Interests, then we want a solid platform of change to present through elected officers. It is quite a project, and we are glad to have you onboard.
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