Patriot Pride

December/January, Volume 1, Issue 2

Principal's Corner

This school year is going by quickly! I cannot believe we are already through November. We only have a few short weeks before we will have our Winter Break and welcome in the new year. There have been many exciting things taking place at Carlton Palmore, including our 1:1 device distribution that took place in October. With that being said, students have at home access to Smarty Ants (K-2nd) and Istation (3rd-5th) to practice their Reading skills. They also have access to Freckle and Reflex to practice their math facts and skills. Over the last few weeks, I have received several phone calls regarding homework. Students homework each night is reading for 20 minutes, completing 20 minutes of Freckle, and 20 minutes of Istation or Smarty Ants. These programs along with AR reading create an hours worth of homework each night and sometimes replace the paper based homework that teachers used to send home. Teachers may add additional homework if needed.

Please ensure that your child’s iPad is charged each night, so they have a full battery at school the next day to access everything they need to complete their daily school work. Also encourage your child to take care of their iPad so that it stays in excellent condition. Each student was issued a protective sleeve with their iPad and charger and should be transporting their device to and from school each day in their sleeve.

Our Proud Patriots continue to amaze me each day. Our motto is “A learner today, a leader tomorrow” and students continue to live up to that! Students and teachers both continue to diligently work on the rigor of the instructional standards through engaging lessons and tasks. Students are learning new academic information every day that they are in attendance.

As we move into the cooler months please take a few moments to review the school dress code located in the front of the agenda. As temperatures begin to drop, students will need to wear jackets and sweaters. Please make sure that your child’s jacket or sweater has their name somewhere inside. This will prevent your child’s jacket or sweater from making its way into the lost and found.

We are working towards our schoolwide AR goal of 21,000 points. So, pick up a good book and read! I truly hope the upcoming holiday season brings each Proud Patriot family, rest, joy, comfort, and peace!


Mrs. Dardis

Grade Level News:


Kindergarten students are becoming amazing readers! By this time of the year, students have mastered the sounds of the alphabet and are blending these sounds together to form words. They have learned more than sixty sight words which enables them to read books more independently. You can help your child improve their reading skills by practicing their sight words with them daily and by encouraging them to read their AR books. The sight word list can be found in the weekly Kindergarten Newsletter that is sent home each Monday. In Math, we are learning different strategies to help us add and subtract. We are also learning to count to 100 by ones and tens. In Science, we are enjoying our hands-on experience as we investigate the different types and speeds of motion.

1st Grade:

Our first graders are doing an amazing job learning new skills and reading! In Language Arts, they are continuing to describe story elements and identify the topic and important details. They have worked hard learning sight words and short vowel word patterns. We have already jumped into harder spelling patterns with letter blends and digraphs. Soon students will begin long vowel spelling patterns. Please help your child practice their spelling words and sight words daily. In math, students have learned how to add and subtract within 20 and how to find the missing addend in an addition problem. They are learning how to solve real-world word problems using objects, drawings, or equations to represent the problem. Students will begin learning about two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. Continue reading with your child every night to help them become better readers and so they are ready to take AR tests on their library books. Please remember to charge iPads every night so students are able to use them in the class each day. They can use their iPads at home to practice reading with Smarty Ants and math with Freckle Math. Thank you for your continued support!

2nd Grade News:

Second grade students will be engaged in learning many new topics. In Science, students will be learning about forces and motion. We will be investigating with hands on items to see what causes a force to make the object stop, slow down, or go faster. In addition, we will begin learning about Earth Systems and Patterns in nature. This unit includes learning about how the sun affects the heat on Earth. We will be discussing how the water cycle creates weather conditions like hurricanes, tornadoes, and floods. In Reading, we will continue working on understanding character’s perspective by reading how the character acts, what the character says, and what the character does. We will discuss author’s purpose and the reason behind why the author wrote the story. The three main purposes for writing a story are to inform, to persuade and to entertain. Students will have to give text evidence in order to justify why they think the author wrote the story. In Math, we are currently working on understanding how to find a solution to a one or two step word problem. The problems require students to use the CUBES strategy. First, they will circle the number in the story and then underline the question. They will have to be a math detective to search the word problems for special KEY words that tell them whether they should add or subtract. Then they need to eliminate all extra information in the word problem that won’t help them find the answer. Last, they will need to write an equation and solve that equation to find the solution to the word problem.

3rd Grade News:

Greetings from Third Grade! What a whirlwind of a year we have had so far, and to think we are almost halfway through it. If you have not had a conference with your child’s teacher, please reach out to do so. Our third graders have been working hard in Math on methods to multiply and divide, understanding fractions, and comparing fractions. Be sure to continue having your child practice those multiplication facts at home daily. The more practice they have, the more confident and comfortable they will become. In Science, we are learning about forms of energy and more specifically about how light travels. In Reading, we have learned all kinds of different concepts. A few of these include text structure, text features, and the development of a character through-out a text. We have also learned about different types of poems such as a limerick and rhyme verse. Students have been working hard to identify similes and metaphors and define multi-meaning words using context clues. In the upcoming weeks, we will be working on identifying the theme and how it develops throughout a literary text. Please check our weekly Newsletter and ensure your students read 20 minutes daily to help earn those AR points. Don't forget to check and sign their agenda daily.

4th Grade News:

Hello from fourth! We have been tackling benchmarks and making memories! Leader in Me lessons have been a great learning experience for everyone. We have gotten to learn more about each other and have learned what being a leader is truly about. In Reading, we have learned about central idea, theme, narrator's point of view, character perspective, text structures and text features. We have also been busy reteaching and enriching those concepts during small group time. In Math, we have flown through base-10, multiplication, and division. We will be starting fractions and decimals soon. Keep practicing those math facts at home, they are a key foundation skill for fourth grade. In Science, we finished up interdependence and heredity and reproduction in plants and animals. Our next concepts will be Earth's movements, constellations, and phases of the moon. This is one of our favorite units to teach! Please refer to our weekly newsletter to stay informed on everything that is happening in 4th grade, make sure your child is reading at least 20mins per night, and if you have not scheduled a conference with your child's teacher, please do so.

5th Grade News:

Hello from 5th grade! We have been so busy learning so many great things! In reading, we have been working on theme, text structure, plot, and author’s/character’s perspective. We have learned how the speaker’s thoughts, words, actions, along with mood and tone help readers determine the theme. We have enjoyed fun games in order to practice using context clues to help understand unknown words and to determine the meaning of figurative language. In math, we have been working on multiplying multi-digit whole numbers. We will be moving on to multiplying multi-digit numbers with decimals. After multiplying we will begin division. Math facts are imperative for your student’s success. Please encourage your child to keep practicing those multiplication facts. They can go on Reflex nightly to help them practice their facts. Science has been a blast! We have done so many different activities, science investigations and experiments, such as a weather and climate escape room, and analyzing weather maps. They had fun pretending to be meteorologists and using weather maps to make the forecast. We will begin to work on separating mixtures, exploring matter, testing physical and chemical changes over the next few weeks. 5th grade has been diligently working to meet our weekly and quarterly AR goals. Please keep encouraging your student to read nightly and to take those AR test to earn points. As always, be sure to continue to check your class Dojo page and/or weekly newsletters to stay informed on everything that is happening in 5th grade.

Academic Coaches Corner

Our annual Reading Wonderland Family event is right around the corner! Be on the lookout for flyers going home soon. Please plan to join us for a family fun night focused on literacy. We’re excited to dive into a great book and complete a fun craft with all of our CPE families. We’ll also focus on comprehension and active reading strategies as we support our patriots into becoming even more active readers!

October Student Leaders of the Month


Gloster/Jakubik - Alani Rivera

Roberts - Charley Peddycoart


Ms. Cabrera - Penelope Tapiato

Ms. Castor - Madison Burkheimer

Mrs. DeBourg - Joey Harstifeld-Mitchell

Mrs. Horton - Jordin Curry

1st Grade:

Ms. Arnold - De'Arian Wilson

Ms. Delisle - Caroline Chapparo

Mrs. Spong - Franklin Ray

Mrs. Steele - Elizabeth Sanders

2nd Grade:

Mrs. Bing -

Ms. Grant - Hayden Morgan

Ms. White - Charlotte Champion

Mrs. Portillo - Kaylee Campbell

3rd Grade:

Mrs. Beardsley - Rudy Mahoney

Ms. Clark - Ethan Beard

Mrs. Marsland - Kareena Jordan

Ms. Roper - Max Palacios

4th Grade:

Mrs. Maldonado/Mr. Packard - Saileny Fernandez-Rodriguez, Jackson Steele

Mrs. Murphy/Ms. Lockhart - Claire Sims, Camden Deen

5th Grade:

Mrs. Hollingsworth -

Mrs. Lunsford - Jada Bellamy

Ms. Rivera- Quinn Yates


Ms. Hill - Samuel Batista

Mrs. Weaver - Ethan Hurt

Mrs. Zimmerman - Austin Wieschowski

Upcoming Events:

December -

2nd - $2 dress down

5th - 9th Book Fair

7th - Book Fair Family Night, Reading Wonderland Family Night

16th - End of 2nd 9 weeks/1st semester, Student Early Dismissal at 12:30 pm

19th - January 5th - Winter Break

January -

6th - $2 dress down

12th - Electronic report cards

13th - Student early dismissal at 12:30 pm

16th - Holiday, No school

26th - Portfolio Night

27th - 100th day of school

Media Center News

Mark your calendars, the Scholastic book fair is coming to CPE from December 5th - December 9th. Students will have the opportunity to shop the Fair in person and online. In addition, there will be a family night where families will be welcome on campus to shop. Be on the lookout for the flyer coming home soon!

Leader in Me 7 Habits Spotlight

Habit 3 - Putting First Things First:

During the month of December, students will be learning about Putting First Things First. Putting first things first means deciding what is important and taking care of that first. Thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow or by the end of the week can be overwhelming, especially for children. Learning to think about what things are the most important and taking care of them first allows children (and adults) to be less stressed. Encourage your child to design or decorate his/her own planner or weekly activity log. Ask your child to make a list of what he or she thinks is their biggest time waster and help them develop a plan to address it.

Habit 4 - Think Win-Win:

Think win-win is the belief that everyone can win. It's not me or you, its both of us. It is a belief that there are enough good things for everyone. Think win-win is being happy for others when good things happen to them. As a parent, not everything is negotiable, but if you go into discussions with your child with a win-win mindset, you'll find a lot less resistance. Encourage win-win solutions to sibling disputes. Don't always be the mediator, let them work out a solution and lavish praise when they do. Set clear expectations with your children about chores, curfew, grades, etc. It's hard for you both to win if you are playing by different rules.