6th Grade AIG Lion Team

Week of October 12 - 16

Math Class

In math class the students finished up the standard NS.1(dividing fractions) and began to work on standards NS.5 (describe quantities with integers) and NS.6 (recognize opposite signs on number lines).

Science Class

This week the students started learning about and reviewing ecosystems. They got a new iCurio for the topic. At the end of this standard, they will put all that they learned into a project that they will then present to the class. They will be using the 3 resources that they were introduced to on Monday, to make and complete their projects.

Reading Class

This week the students got a new set of blendspace centers that include a Problem Based Learning scenario, 3 News ELA articles, Week 7 newspaper in Studies Weekly, writing prompt, they read to page 66 in Peak, they started a Word Collector KeyNote (to better understand words they may run across in the book), and worked on their Stems packet and Flocabulary packet. They also Skyped some of the students over at Rocky River Elementary School.
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