The Boston Massacre

and how it affected the American Revolution

It made the colonists furious

With high taxes and the spilling of innocents' blood the colonists said they had enough and they started to rebel against the British by protesting, beating tax collectors, refusing to follow British rules. On March 5, 1770, five colonists were killed by the British. This event became the rallying cry known as The Boston Massacre and had a huge impact on the American Revolution.

The Colonists started to rebel

After the Colonists committed The Boston Tea Party the British parliament passed The Intolerable Acts. This resulted in the Colonists rebelling even more, which kick-started the American Revolution. The colonists started organizing an Army, started training the soldiers, hired George Washington for General, and changed the rules of war.

Its the event that started the Revolution

The Boston Massacre is the key event that made the Colonists want to rebel and start the Revolution. Soldiers used it as inspiration to avenge their friends. It made them want to fight for their beliefs. It gave them the inspiration they needed to win the war.

it made the Colonists realize that they don't need Britain

it made them want to form their own independent country, it made them realize that they have potential so it made them determined. It gave them the inspiration they needed to win the war.

It made Ben Franklin want to help too

Benjamin Franklin was one of the founding fathers and was an author, printer, politician, and scientist, . He talked to Parliament and told them America wants to be independent. He helped the army and the Government.

The Massacre inspired the Americans enough to win the war

The incident that happened in 1770 known as the Boston Massacre inspired George Washington, it inspired Ben Franklin, it inspired Sam Adams, it inspired Paul Revere, and it inspired the Americans. While the event itself was minor, it was used to help get support for independence and also to fuel dislike toward the British. The Boston Massacre was used as the reason to heighten tensions and lead to the American Revolution and in the end, America's independence.