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Week of February 9th

This week at New Haven:

9th- Monday Meets in the Think Tank- bring a laptop/ipad/ notes
11th- PTA to take class yearbook pics
2nd grade ATM
Board meeting
K and 1st grade ATMs / PTA soup and chocolate bar
14th- Happy LOVE day! <3

For the good of the All:

Renovation questions-

There has been A LOT of questions regarding what is going on with the enrollment / renovations etc. being asked by parents, and staff. The district is keeping tabs on our enrollment and they are aware that we will need more room. At this point NO DECISIONS have been made- Yes there are a ton of "what ifs" and rumors floating around, but no decisions have been made. At this point the "easy fix" is trailers, but a long term decision will have to be made. No decisions about units moving or renovations have been made. There is a conversation happening Tuesday, and hopefully I'll be filled in on what our future looks like. When I know- you will know too- I promise.

Staff Updates:

Kathy Wiener has shared that the liver specialist is hopeful that they can get her numbers under control and that she will be able to return to work. Please continue to keep her in your prayers as they have not definitively ruled out a liver transplant.
Amy Gooch will be out another week as she is recovering. She is anxious to come back and we are anxious to have her back.


RTI / ATMs- Read your email!

NonFiction Instruction- Resources to hit those non-fiction reading skills.

Padlet- Padlet (formerly known as Wall Wisher) is a tool that has been used by teachers in a variety of ways for years now. I've often used as a collaborative know-want-learn chart and as an exit ticket tool.

Star- I've included the link for our Think tank discussion / PD tomorrow so you have easy access. :)

Think Tank Discussion- Transitioning from STAR data analysis to how to focus on student needs. We will be showing you some resources to use that directly connect to student needs. It's a mini-PD workshop day- Questions encouraged.

Staffer of the week- Everyone deserves to be recognized for the work they do. We are all an important part of the team, and each contributes something special! Thank you for all you do! This week we want to recognize Gina Oleson. Thank you for the contributions you make to a great preschool team! Your hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed! :)

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