Weekly Jaguar Update

Things to keep in mind...

Welcome to the Jaguar Team!

Jaguar teachers Michelle Williamson, Kelly Gallagher, Nathaniel Stockberger, and Laura Brindle would like to remind the parents of our amazing students about some upcoming lessons and events next week! Thank you for the amazing turnout at Open House!

Somethings to keep in mind...


Both Advanced and Regular classes will be working on patterns, sequences, and formulating equations. Fast Fact Quiz on Thursday - please help your son/daughter remember to practice their multiplication facts 1 - 12.



Objective: Students will explain the importance of the metric system, and chose which metric unit is appropriate.


Objective: Student will be able to collect and record data using the International System of Units (SI).

Wednesday: Density Notes and practice stations

Thursday: Potato Lab

Friday: Density Lab

Social Studies:

The students will continue to learn about the Five Themes of Geography. Next week we will be performing Latitude Longitude Karaoke! Students need to make sure they are bringing their Daily Ongoing Geography Folder everyday!

English/Language Arts:

In E/LA next week we will continue making our Territories List which will be a test grade by Wednesday.

The students will receive vocabulary words for the fantasy unit and will need to study these nightly.

Thursday is our library day, so please help your child remember to bring all of their library books with them to school.

As always, please call or email me with any questions