Do flowers last longer?

Warm or cold water? (Pamela Clawson)

Cold or Warm?

Do flowers grow better in cold or warm water? For this experiment we need to see if flowers grow better in cold or warm so we will need to test how tall the flowers grow in both warm and cold water over a certain period of time.


Flowers any kind, warm and cold water, a thermometer, some soil to put the flowers in and a pot to grow in, and some time.

Be ready to wait a while during this experiment it takes some time.

Any kinds of flowers work.


Plant each flower and put warm water in two pots and put cold water in two pots and wait for about a week to see which grows better.

Day 1

Warm water- 2 inches

Cold water- .5 inches

Day 2

Warm water- 5 inches

Cold water- 2 inches

Day 3

Warm water- 7 inches

Cold water- 4 inches

Day 4

Warm water- 10 inches

Cold water- 7 inches

Day 5

Warm water- 15 inches

Cold water- 9 inches

Day 6

Warm water- 18 inches

Cold water- 10 inches

Day 7

Warm water- 20 inches

Cold water- 15 inches


After the experiment you can see that flowers grow better in warm water, the cold water keep the flowers from growing as much as they should grow.