Prehistoric Snake

General Description

  • Pre-historic snake that lived after the time of the dinosaurs in a place (Columbia)
  • Existed 10 million years after the extinction of the dinosaurs
  • Found by accident!

Discoverer, Fossil evidence.

  • Feb 2002 when first hint of fossil was discovered in the huge coal canyon.
  • Shown to expert in pre-historic plants, and then to a expert in vertebrae.
  • Fossil evedince
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Diet, habitat, and lifestyle.

  • Same as modern huge snakes. Approximately once to three times a year.
  • When Female pregnant they don't eat for the seven months
  • Lived in Wet Moist Environments.
  • They spend most of their time in the shade, tall grass.

Possible Descendants, and extinction.

  • 100 million years snakes come in many diversities.
  • Varieties of snakes (piousness, constriction)
  • They hunt in similar ways use same tactical killing ways.
  • Extinction due to lack of heat (hurricane Arthur)