PLT Ponderings


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Bloom's Taxonomy (Revised)

We need to start thinking about teaching our standards conceptually. Sure, our kids need to know the "facts" of our subject; however, there is no REMEMBER standard. For example, if I teach my students about the 1929 stock market crash and the Great Depression, they should be able to apply that information to the current economic crisis because they understand the concept of recession.

When looking at the NC Final Exams, the main verbs that appear based on the standards are the following:

  • summarize (describe)
  • compare (compare/contrast)
  • Explain (cause & effect)
  • Analyze (show relationships, viewpoints, bias)
  • Evaluate (judgment based on evidence not on opinion)

Be aware, if you ask kids to analyze or evaluate, then you should include some sort of stimulus such as quotes, charts, or political cartoons.

Tests are written conceptually- students should be able to apply what they have learned. We need to move past content and focus on teaching Concepts, Inquiry, and Civic Action.


Above you will find the link to the Instructional Services site codes in Haiku. Be sure to join the Haiku page for your subject as this is where you will find your pacing guides and unpacked standards. You can also find lots of resources on your departments webpage as well, including sample lessons. Work smarter, not harder!