Digital Programming


Weebly is a very easy to use tool that allows you to drag and drop different features to build your own website. Educational accounts are free, sign up here to have a go.

Weeblys to have a look at

Laura Chaffey of The Junction Public School has used Weebly for the last two years to program. She uses the website Scribd to embed 'glue' her word documents onto her webpages.

Joel Alexander, has just started to explore using Weebly as his program builder. He has used elements found on the weebly website only using Google drive for a few things. This is a good example of what you can do using just the elements and features of Weebly. Some pages are password protect for student confidentiality.

Jaquie Counsel has also started to use Weebly this year.

Other Links

My professional learning Weebly. I have just started this and have not added much content.

My digital program